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Ed Sheeran talking about why Taylor Swift said “stfu” at the VMAs

Ed: I know what she said though

Interviewer: Can you clear it up for us?

Ed: I can cos she rang me straight afterwards and she was like “I think I messed up” and I was like “what” and Selena said to her, she said “I think Miley’s going to win the award over me” and Taylor went “Oh shut the fuck up”.

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Re-uploaded on request since it was deleted. 

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Spoilers- A dangerous gAme

The Liars are seeing red as they attempt to put an end to the game…..Spencer is back home and putting up a good front, but Aria, Hanna and Emily are not so sure their friend is fully back after seeing how fragile she was just a day or so before. Unfortunately the girls dont have much time to ponder Spencer’s health as shocking revelations are brought to the forefront. With so much happening and new information being uncovered, will the liars be ready for what is waiting for them?

Spoiler notes:
-Emily will have an altercation with Alison’s Killer.
-We’ll learn how many members are in the A-Team.
-Someone will die, and Wren may have something to do with it.
-Radley Sanitarium will be a major focal point of the episode. 
-There will be a fire.
-According to Marlene King, someone will ‘rise from the ashes’.
-The Queen of Hearts will be revealed.
-Two mysterious locations are used in the finale: a Carnival (tweeted by Holly Marie Combs] and a Forest (tweeted by Marlene King).
-The person Jenna talked to in the park inUnmAsked will be revealed. (Tweeted by Marlene King)
-Marlene King said that Spencer and Toby will have possibly reached a resolution by the end of this episode.
-Spencer will have an altercation with the girl in the red coat.
-There will be a Jenna scene in the pouring rain.
-Ezra will be back at school as an English teacher.
-Marlene King gave hints of the finale: Some Hitchcock. An emotional reveal.
-Three shocking twists.
-A very big reveal at the end.

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